A-V-O Toast 14.50
Sourdough toasted bread, with fresh avocado drizzled with olive oil, and over mild runny scrambled eggs topped with TaeYung red pepper powder and spicy mayo

Blueberry Ube Maple Croissant Waffle 8.00
Buttery croissant pressed into a waffle with cream cheese and Blueberry Ube Maple Sauce

Hawaiian Riz Slider 13.50
Burger patty topped with grilled pineapple and strawberry jam. Spicy Bacon and Micro-greens under a sesame bun. Complimented with waffle fries

Humpty Dumpty Sliders 13.50
Burger topped with bacon, egg and our cheese sauce. Complimented with home-fries

Pretty in Pink 12.00
Pancakes with a hint of red dragon fruit, topped with putter and pink powder sugar

Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Waffle 8.00
Buttery croissant pressed into a waffle with cream cheese and Strawberry glaze, fresh strawberries

French Toast

Classic French Toast 10
Brioche soaked in vanilla custard, topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar

Ube 14
Stuffed Ube Cream Cheese, Ube Sweetened Condensed Milk, choice of crushed Oreos or crushed vanilla wafers and berries

S’mores 12
Brioche soaked in vanilla custard, toasted marshmallow, nutella drizzle, graham cracker crust

Pink Berry Cheesecake 12
Condensed Milk, sweet pink cream cheese, Macerated Berries, powdered sugar, graham cracker crust

Fruity Pebble 12
Brioche soaked in vanilla custard, marshmallow fluff and fruity pebbles with cookie crumbles
with Ice Cream 13


Krab-o-cado Eggrolls 12
Avocados, krab, and herbed cream cheese wrapped in pastry wrapper. Served with pickled vegetable salad and Guava Thai Chili Sauce.

Cheesy Lobster Truffle Fries 18
Cooked cold water lobster in cheese sauce with white truffle oil, grilled corn, pickled onions, and herbs topped on double crispy waffle fries tossed in our special house seasoning blend, a side of chipotle aioli.

Korean Fire Chicken Wings 10
Double fried chicken wings glazed in “Baby Daddy’s Hot Sauce” Gochujang BBQ with a drizzle of scallion ranch sauce

Old Clothes Empanadas 10
Cuban dish transformed into an empanada, stuffed with shredded seasoned flank steak. Top inside with a pickled onion and cilantro. 3 empanadas in each serving.

Orange Chicken Wings 10
Orange Teriyaki Glaze, scallions, Sesame Seeds


Balsamic Salad 9
Balsamic dressing, Spring mix, Red Onion, tomatoes, goat cheese and candied walnuts
with Grilled Chicken 10.50

Korean BBQ Salad 10
Spring Mix, Avocado, Gochu-Gang-Gang BBQ Sauce, Red Onions, Charred Corn
with Grilled Chicken 11.50

Chopped Chipotle Salad 12
Mixed greens with creamy chipotle dressing, tomatoes and avocado, Spicy bacon, red onions and cotija cheese.
with Grilled Chicken 13.50


Cheeseburger Sliders 10.00
Special blend beef patty with white cheese sauce, caramelized onions and ketchup. Served with waffle fries.

Guava Manchego Sliders 15.00
Caramelized onion, guava and pink sauces served on special beef blend with micro greens on a toasted sesame potato bun with spiced bacon. Comes with special house-seasoned waffle fries.

Korean Fire Sliders 15.00
Special beef blend with white cheese sauce and bacon, “Baby Daddy’s” Korean BBQ sauce, scallions, and kimchi on a seeded potato bun. Served with a side of waffle fries

Veggie Sliders 10.00
Crispy vegetable black bean patties with grains. Served on a seeded potato bun with microgreens and your choice of sauce. With waffle fries

Chicken Sandwiches

Replace fries with waffle fries (1)

Parkside Classic Chicken Sandwich 12
Fried chicken breast with Parkside’s special house seasoning blend with pickles. Served with waffle fries. Add your choice of sauce.

Guava Chili Chicken Sandwich Slider 12
Double fried chicken breast drenched in house guava chili sauce and topped with house pink sauce, micro greens and served with waffle fries.

Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich Slider 13
Crispy double-fried chicken breasts tossed in “Baby Daddy’s” Korean BBQ sauce and topped with scallion ranch, sesame seeds and scallions. Served with waffle fries

Chicken & Waffles

Brown Butter Maple Chicken & Waffles 16
Brown butter maple syrup over fried chicken wings served over a waffle and dusted with our parkside seasoning blend and powdered sugar.


With/Without Whipped Cream

Root Beer Float 8
Classic Root Beer Beer Float with vanilla ice cream.

Orange Creamsicle 8
Orange soda with vanilla Ice cream and whipped cream with condensed milk

Ube Float 8
Ube (a purple Filipino flavor) with vanilla ice cream and soda topped with whipped cream.


Bacon 5.00

Egg 4.00
Side of two eggs made how you like it.

French Fries 4.00
Coated crispy crunchy french fries

Fruit Salad Bowl 5.00
Mixed berries topped with whipped cream

Side Avocado 3.50
Slices of avocado

Single Empanada 3.50
Cuban dish transformed into empanadas, stuffed with seasoned shredded Flank steak, and topped inside with pickled onion and cilantro.

Spicy Bacon 6.00

Vanilla Ice Cream 2.00
One Scoop

Waffle Fries 5.00
Seasoned Waffle Fries

Kids Menu

Chicken Fingers 6.00
Breaded chicken breast served with fries

Classic Pancake 6.00
Two buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar

Grilled Cheese 6.00
Yellow American Cheese melted on grilled Texas Toast, served with fries

Kids Classic Maple French Toast 6.00
Two Texas toast soaked in vanilla custard, topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar

Single Cheeseburger slider 6.00
Single grass-fed beef patty with white cheese sauce. Served with fries.


Fiji Water 3.00
Coca-Cola 2.75
Diet Coke 2.75
Sprite 2.75
Orange Fanta 2.75
Dr. Pepper 2.75
Ginger Ale 2.75
Lemon Iced Tea 2.75
Root Beer 2.75
Seltzer 2.75
Apple Juice 3.00
Cranberry Juice 3.00
Lemonade 3.00
Orange Juice 2.75
Fresh Orange Juice 6.00
Fresh Quart of Orange Juice 15.00
Shirley Temple 3.50
Bottomless Coffee 3.50
Macha Lemonade 5.50
Hot Chocolate 3.00
Vanilla Chai (Hot or Iced) 5.00
Organic Milk 3.50
Chocolate Milk
Tea 3.00
English Breakfast, Jasmine Blossom, Chai Spice, or Chamomile